NTT Fellows & Senior Distinguished Researchers

NTT Fellow

The title of "NTT Fellow" is reserved for those individuals whose research results and performance have brought them distinction and are extremely highly regarded both within and outside NTT. An "NTT Fellow" is normally the head of a research laboratory and the company strongly expects that the laboratory will continue to demonstrate high achievements as an innovator in its research field.

Dr.Takehiro Moriya

Moriya Research Laboratory Communication Science Labs.

Our research target includes speech and audio signal processing and coding for high-quality services, by combining related research area and standardization.

Dr.Naonori Ueda

Ueda Research Laboratory Communication Science Labs.

We aim to develop new principles of machine learning for innovative artificial intelligence services (corevo) and innovative technologies. In addition, we will expand the scope of machine learning to natural sciences and social sciences, and contribute to the development of machine learning research.

Dr.Makio Kashino

Project Manager
Sports Brain Science Project
NTT Communication Science Laboratories


Senior Distinguished Researchers

“Distinguished Researcher” is a title given to innovative researchers who have been recognized as outstanding both within and outside NTT. “Senior Distinguished Researcher” is a title given to highly outstanding “distinguished researchers.” They are responsible for leading innovative research or cutting-edge technical development in research areas considered to be important for the NTT Group in the long term.

Kunio Kashino

Communication Science Laboratories

We aim to fully utilize a vast amount of information and support heart-to-heart communication by developing fast, accurate and robust technology that can search, recognize and analyze real-world media information such as sounds, images and moving pictures.

Tessei Kobayashi

Communication Science Laboratories

We pursue cognitive science research on the mechanisms of child language acquisition with the aim to apply it to innovation of educational technologies.

Hiroaki Gomi

Communication Science Laboratories

We will explore latent sensorimotor information processing and develop those computational models which contribute a fundamental theory for human-friendly interfaces.

Hirosih Sawada

Communication Science Laboratories

We aim to find new values through human-interpretable analysis methods for vast and variety data that are collected and accumulated according to real-world phenomena.

Masaaki Nagata

Communication Science Laboratories

We aim to develop a machine translation system that can generate an appropriate sentence by understanding the context and situation of the text or dialog.

Tomohiro Nakatani

Communication Science Laboratories

The aim of the research is to realize a computer that can understand natural human-to-human conversations in our daily lives. It requires us to develop technologies to recognize speech with a casual speaking style even in the presence of various types of interfering sounds.

Shigeto Furukawa

Communication Science Laboratories

We pursue neuroscientific understandings of the mechanisms underlying our sensory perceptions and mental states with the aim of realizing technologies that allow comfortable interactions with others, societies, and environments.

Junji Watanabe

Communication Science Laboratories

We aim to develop information transmission technology that can provide tactile sensations as well as visual images and sounds. By using the technology, we also aim to contribute to human wellbeing.

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