Information about on-line Registration for TMI-2002


Here is the basic information about registration for TMI-2002. Pre-payment will be possible by credit card or bank transfer (within Japan). People may also register on-site during the conference, in which case you must pay cash.


The registration interface is slightly clumsy. The button marked Procedure just gives information about the registration. To register, please click the button marked Registration. You will then have to enter some information about yourself (Individual Information) and get an id and password. You can then go into your individual page, from which you can register (Advanced Registration) and pay (Registration Payments).

Registration Rates

The rates are in Japanese Yen, and include proceedings and refreshments, but no meals (except the banquet). There is a cafeteria and restaurant at the conference location.

TMI-2002 Rates
Main Conference 20,000 yen
Main Conference (student) 10,000 yen
Workshop (MT Roadmap) 5,000 yen
Tutorials 3,000 yen
Banquet 5,000 yen
Extra Conference Proceedings 6,000 yen

There is no discount for early registration.

On-line Registration and Payment

Please click here for on-line registration and payment. Please do read the note above about the interface.

Deadline for Registration

You may register online until 2002-03-08, after then you must register at the conference.


After we have received your on-line registration, you will receive confirmation by email. Please print it out and bring it with you to the conference.


You may cancel your registration until 2002-02-15. However, you will be charged a handling fee of 30% of the total. You cannot cancel your registration after 2002-02-15.

Inquiries about Registration

Please address any inquiries about the on-line registration and payment to: (Proactive Convention Co.,Ltd).

Inquiries about the Conference

Please address any inquiries about the conference itself to: Francis Bond.

Author: Francis Bond
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