Hiding of Phase-Based Stereo Disparity for Ghost-Free Viewing Without Glasses


Taiki Fukiage     Takahiro Kawabe     Shin'ya Nishida    (All authors have equal contributions.)

NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

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When a conventional stereoscopic display is viewed without stereo glasses, image blurs, or `ghosts', are visible due to the fusion of stereo image pairs. This artifact severely degrades 2D image quality, making it difficult to simultaneously present clear 2D and 3D contents. To overcome this limitation (backward incompatibility), here we propose a novel method to synthesize ghost-free stereoscopic images. Our method gives binocular disparity to a 2D image, and drives human binocular disparity detectors, by the addition of a quadrature-phase pattern that induces spatial subband phase shifts. The disparity-inducer patterns added to the left and right images are identical except for the contrast polarity. Physical fusion of the two images cancels out the disparity-inducer components and makes only the original 2D pattern visible to viewers without glasses. Unlike previous solutions, our method perfectly excludes stereo ghosts without using special hardware. A simple algorithm can transform 3D contents from the conventional stereo format into ours. Furthermore, our method can alter the depth impression of a real object without its being noticed by naked-eye viewers by means of light projection of the disparity-inducer components onto the object's surface. Psychophysical evaluations have confirmed the practical utility of our method.


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Taiki Fukiage, Takahiro Kawabe, and Shin'ya Nishida
"Hiding of Phase-Based Stereo Disparity for Ghost-Free Viewing Without Glasses."
ACM Transaction on Graphics (Proc. of SIGGRAPH), 36(4):147, 2017.

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