Human Information Science Laboratory

Human Information Science Laboratory

Shigeto Furukawa, Ph.D.
Dr.Shigeto Furukawa,
Executive Manager

  Human Information Science Laboratory uses approches such as information science, psychophyics, and neuroscience to investigate mechanisms underlying our perception, emotion, and motion, for understanding how environmental and social information is processed in human body and brain. The research findings are expected to serve as fundamentals of future information technologies that are conceptually novel and user-friendly.

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  • 【Academic paper】 A research paper on infants’ communication behavior was published in “Frontiers in Psychology”.(2019/6)
    Hiraoka, D., Ooishi, Y., Mugitani, R., Nomura, M.(2019). "Differential Effects of Infant Vocalizations on Approach-Avoidance Postural Movements in Mothers." Frontiers in Psychology, 10: 1378. []
  • 【Academic paper】 A research paper on perceptual transparency behavior was published in “i-Perception”.(2019/6)
    Kawbae , T. (2019). Perceptual transparency from cast shadow. i-Perceptrion, 10(3), 1-14. []
  • 【Conference presentation】 A presentation on an easy, gamified vision test was given in “the 2019 IEEE Games, Entertainment, and Media (GEM) Conference(IEEE-GEM2019)”.(2019/6)
    Hosokawa, K., Maruya, K., Nishida, S., Takahashi, M., Nakadomari, S. (2019). Gamified vision test system for daily self-check. 2019 IEEE Games, Entertainment, Media Conference (GEM).
  • 【Conference presentation】 A presentation on a reconfiguration algorithm for heterogeneous lattice modular robots was given in “the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation”.(2019/6)
    Kawano, H. (2019). Linear Heterogeneous Reconfiguration of Cubic Modular Robots via Simultaneous Tunneling and Permutation. The 2019 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

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