Human Information Science Laboratory

Human Information Science Laboratory

Shigeto Furukawa, Ph.D.
Dr.Shigeto Furukawa,
Executive Manager

  Human Information Science Laboratory uses approches such as information science, psychophyics, and neuroscience to investigate mechanisms underlying our perception, emotion, and motion, for understanding how environmental and social information is processed in human body and brain. The research findings are expected to serve as fundamentals of future information technologies that are conceptually novel and user-friendly.

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  • 【Academic paper】A research paper on Japanese learning by infancy has been accepted to be published in “Infancy”.
    Mugitani, R., Kobayashi, T., Hayashi, A., & Fais, L. (2018). The Use of Pitch Accent in Word–Object Association by Monolingual Japanese Infants. Infancy, [Early view is available in](2019/1)
  • 【Academic paper】A research paper on perception of transparent liquid has been published in “i-Perception”.
    Kawabe, T., (2018). “Linear Motion Coverage as a Determinant of Transparent Liquid Perception.”, i-Perception 9(6): 1–11. (2018/12)
  • 【Academic paper】A research paper on Pupillary dilation responses of music listener has been accepted to be published in “Journal of Eye Movement Research”.
    Liao, H.-I., Yoneya, M., Kashino, M., and Furukawa, S (in press), "Pupillary dilation response reflects surprising moments in music.", Journal of Eye Movement Research.(2018/12)
  • 【Award】A conference paper by Amemiya distinguished researcher (co-author) has received Best VR/AR Technology Award in ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2018.
    Koichi Shimizu, Gaku Sueta, Kentaro Yamaoka, Kazuki Sawamura, Yujin Suzuki, Keisuke Yoshida, Vibol Yem, Yasushi Ikei, Tomohiro Amemiya, Makoto Sato, Koichi Hirota, Michiteru Kitazaki, FiveStar VR: shareable travel experience through multisensory stimulation to the whole body, In SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 Virtual & Augmented Reality (SA '18), Article 2, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 2018.(2018/12)

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  • HearingHearing
  • Sensory IntegrationSensory Integration
  • EmotionEmotion
  • InterfaceInterface
  • SpeechSpeech
  • Brain DisorderBrain Disorder
  • MotorMotor
Name Research area
Shigeto FURUKAWA Executive Director Hearing Brain Disorder
Yuuki OISHI Hearing Emotion


  • ATSUGI Area

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