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We investigate how and where sensory inputs are transformed into percepts in the brain. Multistable stimuli are powerful tools to adrress this issue because a constant stimulation produce spontaneous switching between different percepts. Using such a stimulus, we examine the characteristics of perceptual systems at the level of neurotransmitters, brain activity, and sensory experience. Our findings would lead to the development of audiovisual devices that considers individual differences in perception.

Research Areas

Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience

Selected Publications

Kondo, H. M., Nomura, M., & Kashino, M. (2015)
Different roles of COMT and HTR2A genotypes in working memory subprocesses.
PLoS One, 10, e0126511.

Kondo, H. M., Kitagawa, N., Kitamura, M. S., Koizumi, A., Nomura, M., & Kashino, M. (2012)
Separability and commonality of auditory and visual bistable perception.
Cereb. Cortex, 22, 1915-1922.

Kondo, H. M.,* Pressnitzer, D.,* Toshima, I., & Kashino, M. (2012)
Effects of self-motion on auditory scene analysis.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A., 109, 6775-6780.
(*Equal contribution to this work)
[Press Interest] ScienceNOW, WIRED, Popular Science, The Naked Scientists, COSMOS magazine, Huffington Post

Kashino, M. & Kondo, H. M. (2012)
Functional brain networks underlying perceptual switching: auditory streaming and verbal transformations. Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B. Biol. Sci., 367, 977-987.
[Special Issue] Multistability in Perception: Binding Sensory Modalities

Kondo, H. M., & Kashino, M. (2009)
Involvement of the thalamocortical loop in the spontaneous switching of percepts in auditory streaming.
J. Neurosci., 29, 12695-12701.

Kondo, H. M., & Kashino, M. (2007)
Neural mechanisms of auditory awareness underlying verbal transformations.
NeuroImage, 36, 123-130.
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