Masataka SAWAYAMA, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan

Research interests

  • Human perception of object qualities (i.e., material, color, lightness, texture, shape, surface micro structure, motion, lighting, etc) and its underlying neural mechanisms
  • Image-based editing and synthesis of object qualities
  • Physically-based rendering
  • Machine vision
  • Recent activities (22/JUL, 2020)

    • 2020.03   [Journal Article]
      Kawabe, T., & Sawayama, M. (2020) A computational mechanism for seeing dynamic deformation. eNeuro, 7(2), 1-14
    • 2019.10   [Preprint]
      Sawayama, M., Dobashi, Y., Okabe, M., Hosokawasa, K., Koumura, T., Saarela, T., Olkkonen, M., & Nishida, S. (2019) Visual discrimination of optical material properties: a large-scale study. bioRxiv 800870; doi: (Article)
    • 2019.10   [Conference]
      Kawasaki, K., Miki, H., Anzai, K., Sawayama, M., Matsuo, T., Suzuki, T., Hasegawa, T., & Okatani, T. (2019) Spatial and time-frequency representations of glossy material properties in the monkey inferior temporal cortex. Society for Neuroscience 2019, Chicago, IL
    • 2019.06   [Preprint]
      Kawabe, T., & Sawayama, M. (2019) A computational mechanism for seeing dynamic deformation. bioRxiv 682336; doi: (Article)
    • 2019.06   [Preprint]
      Kuroki, S., Sawayama, M., & Nishida, S. (2019) Haptic metameric textures. bioRxiv 653550; doi:
    • 2019.06   [Conference/Conference Paper]
      Todo, H., Yatagawa, T., Sawayama, M., Dobashi, Y., & Kakimoto, M. (June, 2019) Image-based translucency transfer through correlation analysis over multi-scale spatial color distribution Computer Graphics International 2019, Calgary, Canada
    • 2018.08   [Journal Article]
      Nishida, S., Kawabe, T., Sawayama, M., & Fukiage, T. (2018) Motion Perception: From Detection to Interpretation Annual Review of Vision Science, 4(1), doi:10.1146/annurev-vision-091517-034328
    • 2018.06   [Conference]
      Kuroki, S., Sawayama, M., & Nishida, S. (June, 2018) Haptic texture perception on 3D-printed surfaces transcribed from visual natural textures EuroHaptics 2018, Pisa, Italy
    • 2018.05   [Conference]
      Liu, X., Sawayama, M., Hayashi, R., Ozay, M., Okatani, T. & Nishida, S. (May, 2018) Perturbation Tolerance of Deep Neural Networks and Humans in Material Recognition 18th Annual Meeting of Vision Sciences Society, Florida, USA
    • 2018.04   [Journal Article]
      Sawayama, M., & Nishida, S. (2018) Material and shape perception based on two types of intensity gradient information. PLoS Computational Biology, 14(4):e1006061, 1-40, doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1006061 (Article)
    • 2017.08   [Journal Article]
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    • 2017.05   [Conference]
      Sawayama, M., Fukiage, T., & Nishida, S. (May, 2017) Perceiving shape of thin translucent objects from spatial transmittance variation. 17th Annual Meeting of Vision Sciences Society, Florida, USA
    • 2017.05   [Journal Article]
      Sawayama, M., Adelson, E. H., & Nishida, S. (2017) Visual wetness perception based on image color statistics. Journal of Vision, 17(5):7, 1–24, doi:10.1167/17.5.7.
    • 2017.04   [Journal Article]
      Sawayama, M., Nishida, S., & Shinya, M. (2017) Human perception of sub-resolution fineness of dense textures based on image intensity statistics. Journal of Vision, 17(4):8, 1–18, doi:10.1167/17.4.8. [Article]
    • 2016.10   [Conference]
      Sawayama, M., Fukiage, T., & Nishida, S. (October, 2016) Human shape perception of transparent surfaces. PRISM 6, Ebsdorfergrund, Germany
    • 2016.01   [Journal Article]
      Kawabe, T., Fukiage, T., Sawayama, M., & Nishida, S. (2016) Deformation Lamps: A Projection Technique to Make Static Objects Perceptually Dynamic. ACM Transactions on Applied Perception , Volume 13, Issue 2, Article No. 10, doi: 10.1145/2874358
    • 2015.01   [Journal Article]
      Sawayama, M. & Kimura, E. (2015) Stain on texture: perception of a dark spot having a blurred edge on textured backgrounds. Vision Research, vol. 109 part B, 209-220, doi:10.1016/j.visres.2014.11.017 (Article)