WaveCycleGAN: Synthetic-to-Natural Speech Waveform Conversion Using Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks

Kou Tanaka, Takuhiro Kaneko, Nobukatsu Hojo, Hirokazu Kameoka


Japanese audio samples (reported in the paper)

Due to a licence, we don't have a permission to show audio samples.
(We are going to train models by using an alternative Japanese database which allows us to publish.)

English audio samples

Conventional DNN-based TTS [1]
GAN-based postfilter over acoustic features [2]
(applied to Merlin's results)
GAN-based postfilter over speech waveform
(applied to Merlin's results)
Bounus tracks enhancing formant
  CMU Arctic Databases [3]
Training: 1000 sentences
Evaluation: 132 sentences

Male speaker: bdl
(Supported: Safari, Chrome, FireFox, Opera)
Natural Merlin GANv Proposed Bonus

Female speaker: slt


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