NTT Communication Science Laboratories From our director


 Mobile phones and the Internet have given rise to a wide variety of new styles of communication, and it is now possible for people to communicate much more easily and with much less effort. But as we strive for greater convenience and comfort, we must also ensure that ICT technology still makes a real contribution to people's well-being. For example, new social issues such as a lack of communication skills and the exclusion of older generations by the digital divide are becoming increasingly prominent in the 21st century. Our pursuit of rationality in telecommunications is not necessarily compatible with irrational human attributes such as the emotional responses of users. The goal of a true communications environment should be to enrich human mind and experience.
 At NTT Communication Science Laboratories, we are studying aspects of both human science and information science in order to devise communication technologies based on a deeper understanding of humans and information. In studies relating to future communication environments, intelligent computing and human quality of life, all of our researchers are continuously promoting the creation of innovative technologies that will revolutionize telecommunications, contributing to the creation of new services by the NTT Group and submitting papers to academic journals for the advancement of science and technology, and undertaking revolutionary new research to benefit society through the creation of new value.
 To promote this research and innovation, we feel that it is important to work in an open fashion by establishing links with other researchers and research organizations both in Japan and overseas, and this is why we have made efforts to run our laboratories from an open, global perspective. I hope that we can continue to receive your guidance and support in the future.

Director of NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Eisaku MAEDA