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Fun and Intuitive Programming

Visual Programming Language Viscuit

Programming has been difficult to understand. With Viscuit, a programming language we developed, anyone can program intuitively. Viscuit represents a program simply through the placement of pictures and allows flexible interpretations of the placement for flexible operation. We hold workshops in museums and educational institutions. Viscuit is also being packaged as a teaching material. Applications include games, moving pictures, music, and animation. Viscuit is implemented as a Web app.

■Computer Basics

media_11_1e.jpgThe basic operation of computers is to run faster 'small change'. In Viscuit, small changes are specified by rewrite rules that we call glasses.
Placing a picture in the left lens of the glasses changes the placement of the pictures in the right lens.

■Fuzzy Rewriting

media_11_2e.jpgThe technical basis of Viscuit is a technique that rewrites the flexible interpretation of the arrangement of pictures. With this technique,
the computer never behaves inflexibly. Programming can be fun and intuitive.

■In the future

We are developing Viscuit for Android and iOS.

■Program Example

Crane game made by a nine-year-old girl
By pressing a button, the cranes move to catch the stars.
The program was organized at each step of execution.

■Workshops held in various locations.