NTT Communication Science Laboratories award2015


Members of NTTCSL have won a number of prestigous international awards.
The affiliation of the awardee reflects that at the time the award was granted.
For domestic awards, please look here (Japanese only).

2015.12.17  IEEE-ASRU   Best Paper Award Honorable Mention

  • The NTT CHiME-3 System: Advances in Speech Enhancement and Recognition for Mobile Multi-Microphone Devices
    • Takuya Yoshioka(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Nobutaka Ito (NTT CS Labs.)
    • Marc Delcroix(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Atsunori Ogawa(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Keisuke Kinoshita(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Masakiyo Fujimoto(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Chengzhu Yu (UT Dallas)
    • Wojciech J. Fabian(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Miquel Espi(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Takuya Higuchi(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Shoko Araki(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Tomohiro Nakatani(NTT CS Labs.)

2015.11.05  IEEE Signal Processing Society Japan Chapter IEEE SPS Japan Chapter Student Conference Paper Award

  • Efficient Multichannel Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Exploiting Rank-1 Spatial Model
    • Daichi Kitamura(The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
    • Nobutaka Ono(National Institute of Informatics)
    • Hiroshi Sawada(Service Evolution Labs.)
    • Hirokazu Kameoka(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Hiroshi Saruwatari(The University of Tokyo)

2015.06.25  IEEE Technical Committee on Haptics Best Work in Progress

  • Asian spice sets fingers trembling
    • Scinob Kuroki(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Nobuhiro Hagura
    • Shin'ya Nishida(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Patrick Haggard
    • Junji Watanabe(NTT CS Labs.)

2015.04.21  IEEE Signal Processing Society IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award

  • Underdetermined Convolutive Blind Source Separation via Frequency Bin-Wise Clustering and Permutation Alignment
    • Hiroshi Sawada (Service Evolution Labs.)
    • Shoko Araki(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Shoji Makino(University of Tsukuba)

2015.03.03  ACM SIGCHI SIGCHI Best of CHI Honorable Mention Award

  • Flexible Ecologies And Incongruent Locations
    • Paul Luff(King's College)
    • Naomi Yamashita(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Hideaki Kuzuoka(University of Tsukuba)
    • Christian Heath(King's College)

2015.03.03  ACM SIGCHI SIGCHI Best of CHI Honorable Mention Award

  • Improving Multilingual Collaboration by Displaying How Non-native Speakers Use Automated Transcripts and Bilingual Dictionaries
    • Ge Gao
    • Naomi Yamashita(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Ari Hautasaari(NTT CS Labs.)
    • Susan Fussell(Cornell Univ.)