Members of NTTCSL have won a number of prestigous international awards.
The affiliation of the awardee reflects that at the time the award was granted.
For domestic awards, please look here(Japanese only).


2021/01/08LaCATODA  Best Social Impact Paper Award

Rationale for Using Chat-Oriented Dialogue System’s Experience to Convey Empathy

  • Hiromi Narimatsu(NTT CS Labs.)
  • Hiroaki Sugiyama(NTT CS Labs.)
  • Masahiro Mizukami(NTT CS Labs.)
  • Tsunehiro Arimoto(NTT CS Labs.)
2021/01/01IEEE  IEEE Fellow

for contributions to far-field signal processing for speech enhancement and recognition

  • Tomohiro Nakatani(NTT CS Labs.)


2020/05/05IEEE Signal Processing Society  IEEE SPS Young Author Best Paper Award

Determined Blind Source Separation Unifying Independent Vector Analysis and Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

  • Daichi Kitamura(National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College)
  • Nobutaka Ono(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Hiroshi Sawada(NTT CS Labs.)
  • Hirokazu Kameoka(NTT CS Labs.)
  • Hiroshi Saruwatari(The University of Tokyo)


2018.09.21icSPORTS 2018  Best Poster Award

Comfortable Measurement of Ski-turn Skill using Inertial and Plantar-pressure Sensors

  • Seiji Matsumura(NTT CS Labs.)
  • Ota ken(NTT CS Labs.)
  • Toshitaka Kimura(NTT CS Labs.)
2018.09.20IWAENC  IWAENC2018 Best Paper Award

FastFCA-AS: Joint Diagonalization Based Acceleration of Full-Rank Spatial Covariance Analysis for Separating Any Number of Sources

  • Nobutaka Itou(NTT CS Labs.)
  • Tomohiro Nakatani(NTT CS Labs.)
2018.01.29Asia-Pacific Signal And Information Processing Association  Industrial Distinguished Leader Award

In recognition of Outstanding Contribution to APSIPA

  • Naonori Ueda(NTT CS Labs.)
2018.01.01IEEE  IEEE Fellow

for contributions to blind source separation of speech and audio signals

  • Hiroshi Sawada(NTT CS Labs.)

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