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icon_human.gifWe are working on a systematic clarification of the perceptual, motive and emotional mechanisms of humans with regard to communication, and we are proposing design principles for the information and communications technologies that can engage with people at an emotional level.



Clarification of visual, auditory and tactile sensory functions

  • 22-3e.jpgMotoyoshi et al., Nature, 447 206-209We are clarifying the information processing mechanisms of the brain that produce sensations whereby humans take up information from the outside world. Our findings will provide a foundation for information presentation techniques that are more realistic and natural for humans, and for techniques that supplement sensory functions that have been impaired due to ageing or disability.

Clarification of sensory-emotional interactions

  • 26-2j.jpgNew prototype presents a persistent pulling or pushing sensation in all directions with a rotation mechanismWe are clarifying the mechanisms whereby a person’s state of mind and body are changed by sensory information. Our findings will lead to benefits such as technologies that feel good to use, and the prevention of depression and other emotional disorders.

Clarification of sensory-motor interactions

  • We are clarifying the information processing mechanisms that the brain uses to achieve swift and skillful body actions in response to sensory information. Based on these findings, we will propose design principles for an innovative interface that can be used naturally and without discomfort by anyone.

Clarification of subconscious human interaction

  • In face-to-face communication between people, it is thought that the transmission of emotions is supported by subtle information that the people themselves are unaware of. By clarifying this mechanism, we will explore the possibility of enhanced communication by conveying feelings and nuances that cannot be put into words.