NTT-UCL Joint Workshop on Human Information Processing 2003

NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan, and

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, UK

October 2 (Thu) – 3 (Fri), 2003

NTT Keihanna Building, Kyoto, Japan



October 2 (Thursday)

9:00-     Registration

9:40-10:00        Opening remarks: Noboru Sugamura (NTT) and Brian Butterworth (UCL)

10:00-11:00      Session 1

n        Brian Butterworth (UCL): Large-scale reaction time study of enumeration

n        Joey Tang (UCL): Numerical stroop: A parametric design


11:15-12:15      Session 2

n        Shin’ya Nishida (NTT): Perception of coherent pattern in motion

n        Mitsuo Kawato (ATR CNL): A unifying learning theory for internal model and impedance controller


12:15-13:30      Lunch


13:30-15:00      Session 3

n        Ikuya Murakami (NTT): Fixation stability and motion sensitivity

n        Arni Kristjansson (UCL): When pros become cons for anti- versus prosaccades

n        Kenji Kawano (Kyoto Univ.): Ocular tracking of moving targets:effects of brief background motion


15:00-15:30      Coffee / tea break


15:30-17:00      Session 4

n        Hiroaki Gomi (NTT): Flexible sensorimotor transformation during arm movements for interacting with environments

n        Naoki Saijo (NTT): A visual motion effect on the arm movement

n        Patrick Haggard (UCL): Sensorimotor coordination for skilled action



October 3 (Friday)

10:00-11:00      Session 5

n        Robert Turner (UCL): Longitudinal studies with fMRI

n        Hirohito Kondo (NTT): The cingulo-frontal network and working memory: an fMRI study


11:15-12:15      Session 6

n        Derek Arnold (UCL): Motion induced spatial conflict

n        Tatsuto Takeuchi (NTT): The role of color luminance motion analysis


12:15-13:30      Lunch


13:30-15:00      Session 7

n        Noriko Yamagishi (ATR CNL): Visual attention modulates oscillatory activity in human visual cortex

n        Kielan Yarrow (UCL): Generality of the saccadic chronostasis illusion

n        Waka Fujisaki (NTT): Recalibration of audiovisual simultaneity and temporal tuning of audiovisual interaction by adaptation to a constant time lag


15:00-15:30      Coffee / tea break


15:30-17:00      Session 8

n        Makio Kashino (NTT): Auditory grouping and temporal order judgment

n        Shigeru Kitazawa (Juntendo Univ.): Temporal order judgement of successive taps to hands and fingers

n        Alan Johnston (UCL): Visual mechanisms that encode perceived duration and number


17:00-17:10      Closing remarks: Tatsuya Hirahara (NTT)



No advance registration is required. Please bring two business cards for on-site registration.



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