TMI-2002 Tutorials


There will be three two-hour tutorials at TMI-2002, held on 2002-03-17 (Sunday).

TMI-2002 Tutorials
10:00-12:00 Example-Based Machine Translation
Eiichiro Sumita (ATR)
13:00-15:00 Statistical Machine Translation
Kevin Knight (ISI/USC)
15:15-17:15 Translation Memories
Timothy Baldwin (CSLI, Stanford University)

People who have signed up for the TMI-2002 tutorials may mix and match with the NLP-2002 tutorials. The NLP tutorial proceedings will cost an additional 1,000 yen. Note that all of the NLP tutorials are in Japanese: if you don't have Japanese fonts the names may appear garbled.

NLP-2002 Tutorials
10:00-12:00 「言語表現の言い換え技術」
Techniques for Paraphrasing Natural Language
九州工業大学 助教授 乾健太郎氏
13:00-15:00 「自動作詞システムから生まれる計量言語学の新分野」
A New Field for Quantitative Linguistics born from an Automatic Lyric Writing System
国立国語研究所    伊藤雅光氏
15:15-17:15 「認知脳科学からみた言語」
Language seen from Cognitive Neuroscience
東京大学   助教授  酒井邦嘉氏

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