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1967    Born in Tokyo.
1990/3   Graduated from University of Tokyo
1990/4    Entered NTT
1992/10    Joined ATR Human Information Processing Research Laboratories
1997/3    Back to NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Research Interests

Computational approaches to brain research, especially, visual recognition, natural nanguage processing based on stochastic modeling.

object recognition, classification, unsupervised learning, competitive learning, information recovery, modular structures, bi-directional neural connection, self-organization, feature columns, hierarchical network, etc.



1994 JNNS (Japanese Neural Network Society) Research Prize "Recognition and Classification of 3D Objects Using a Modular Learning Network"


Satoshi Suzuki
NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Address: 2-4, Hikaridai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto 619-0237 Japan
phone: + 81 774 93 5371
facsimile: + 81 774 93 5345 s u z u k i . s @ l a b . n t t . c o . j p
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