IWAENC2003 will take place at Keihanna Plaza.

Address :
1-7 Hikaridai, Seika-cho,
Sorakugun, Kyoto 619-0237 JAPAN
Phone : +81-774-95-0101
Fax : +81-774-95-0102

About Kyoto
The fountainhead of Japanese culture, Kyoto, with its beautiful natural environment and numerous historical and cultural treasures, is located in the center of western Honshu, Japan's main island and is neighbored by Nara and Osaka in the south.

Kyoto, which had been the capital of Japan for thousand years, is rich in cultural assets fostered, cultivated in the course of its long history. Today it is a modern metropolis with an international flavor; indeed, perhaps nowhere else in Japan can one so easily encounter the past in the midst of an urban culture eagerly preparing for the 21st century.

Keihanna Plaza is in Southern Kyoto Prefecture, where Kansai Science City is taking shape as an international center of culture, scholarship and scientific research.

Access to Keihanna Plaza
The most convenient and economical access to Kyoto from abroad is a direct flight to Kansai International Airport (KIX). From there, the simplest route to Keihanna Plaza in Kyoto is by the Airport Limousine Bus, which takes approximately 95 minutes to get to Keihanna Plaza, the 4th stop and costs 1,800 yen (900 yen for children between 6~13 and whoever needs a seat under 6). Buses depart from stop No.9 and scheduled to depart approximately once every 60 minutes [see the time table below]. Should there be any inquiries regarding access to Keihanna Plaza, please ask at the Information Desk at the airport on the first floor in front of the arrivals area.


Kansai International Airport Japan Rail (Shinkansen) Nara Kotsu Bus Service:
Shinhosono<-->Keihanna Plaza Gakuenmae<-->Keihanna Plaza
Narita International Airport
Osaka (Itami) Airport (Japanese Only)

Airport Limousine Bus Time Table

You can take Airport Limousine Bus from / for Kansai International Airport (KIX) and Osaka (Itami) Airport.
You do not need to reserve a seat for service from Kansai and Osaka Airport.

Limousine bus time table Kansai International Airport to Keihanna Plaza 

- Please take a bus for "Kintetsu gakuenmaeEGakken toshi ".

- Time required : About 95 minutes.
- Fare : Adult 1,800 yen / Child 900 yen.

FROM Kansai Airport FOR Kansai Airport
Kansai Airport Gakken Keihanna
Gakken Keihanna
Kansai Airport
7:10 8:45 6:00 7:35
8:10 9:45 6:50 8:25
9:10 10:45 7:50 9:25
10:10 11:45 9:50 11:25
13:10 14:45 10:50 12:25
14:10 15:45 11:50 13:25
15:20 16:55 13:10 14:45
16:10 17:45 15:50 17:25
18:10 19:45 16:50 18:25
19:10 20:45 17:50 19:25
20:10 21:45 18:50 20:25

Limousine bus time table Osaka (Itami) Airport to Namba

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