Open House 2001 - NTT Communication Science Labs.
NTT CS Labs. Open House 2001

The NTT Communication Science Laboratories is going to hold the Open House 2001 during June 7-8, 2001, as a part of our 10th anniversary events. We welcome all of you to the Open House 2001. Please check out the Japanese home page for registration information and program details.

Date: June 7-8, 2001
Place: NTT Keihanna Building
Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto, Japan


June 7, 2001 (Thursday)
Events Time Place
10th Anniversary Ceremony
Celebratory Message Mr. Yusuke Tachibana
(Senior Executive Vice President of NTT)
Congratulative Message Prof. Makoto Nagao
(President of Kyoto University)
"Communication Science - the past and the future" Dr. Kenichiro Ishii
(Director of NTT Communication Science Laboratories)
Invited talk (14:30-) Mr. Kazma Yamane
(Nonfiction Writer)
13:00-16:00 C Block, 3rd Floor
Research Exhibits (28 exhibits)
Posters and Demos
11:00-17:00 E Block, 2F-5F
D Block, 1F
C Block, 3F
Banquet 17:00- B Block, 5F

June 8, 2001 (Friday)
Events Time Place
Research Exhibits (28 exhibits)
Posters and Demos
10:00-17:00 E Block, 2F-5F
D Block, 1F
C Block, 3F
Tutorials (Language: Japanese)

Tutorial 1:
Is honesty the best policy in auctions?
  - Information Economics in the Internet age -
Dr. Makoto Yokoo (Distinguished Researcher)
Tutorial 2:
Designing a computer which knows ten hearing one
  - Theoretical approach to adaptive learning -
Dr. Naonori Ueda (Distinguished Researcher)
Tutorial 3:
Human motor control through the interaction with environments
Dr. Hiroaki Gomi (Distinguished Researcher)




Conference Room, C Block, 3F

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4/20/2001: English page is created

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