Research Talk
Friday, June 3th 11:00 - 11:40

How to transmit high-quality sound via networks

- Research and deployment of speech codec EVS for VoLTE and lossless audio codec ALS for broadcasting -
Yutaka Kamamoto, Moriya Research Laboratory


In this talk, I will introduce recent enhancements in speech and audio codecs. One is EVS, the new standard for speech codec, which is capable of sending even the atmosphere of the speaker’s side. This codec is expected to further enhance the quality of VoLTE, which has provided us with more natural conversations than conventional telephony services, such as a fixed-line/land-line and 3G mobile phones. I will also introduce MPEG-4 ALS, which enables us to perfectly transmit high-quality audio contents as produced at the studio to our home. Some broadcasters, including IPTV companies, are planning to go on the air using ALS.