From Our Director

From Our Director

photo_yamada.jpgRecently, new technological fields such as artificial intelligence
(AI), Big Data, and IoT have been drawing a lot of attention every day. The NTT Group is working on AI-related technologies under a brand name called corevo. This word, meaning collaboration + revolution, evokes the idea of promoting innovation through a collaborative effort with a variety of players, as well as allowing human beings and artificial intelligence systems to collaborate. The aim of corevo is to develop artificial intelligence that coexists and operates close together with people, and enriches people's lives by supporting them and replacing some of human activities.

NTT Communication Science Laboratories aim to establish technologies that enables "heart to heart" communication between people and people and between computers and people, which will become foundation for corevo. We are thus working on a fundamental theory that approaches the essence of human beings and information, as well as innovative technologies that will transform society.

The main fields of research which we will be emphasizing for this technology include: the development of a natural, comfortable interface and the utilization of huge amounts of information (Media); the emergence of intelligence with capabilities close to or even superior to human beings (Intelligence); the realization of an ultimate high quality and highly realistic acoustic environment (Signals); and challenging themes related to human sensibilities, movements, and emotional mechanisms (Human).

In each of these research fields, we will continue to promote basic research aiming to contribute to the development of science and technology and to the resolution of social problems. We also aim to develop the kinds of innovation that contribute to the NTT Group's creation of services. To promote such research, we believe open innovation through cooperation with researchers and research institutions in Japan and overseas is important, and we will continue to strive to operate a global and open laboratory. We look forward to your further guidance and encouragement, and we thank you for your continued support.

Director of NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Takeshi YAMADA

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