About Us

Building a new technical infrastructure that can connect humans to information

Since the invention of the telephone, which ushered in the age of communication, our daily lives have been migrating towards a new era in communication that encompasses a wide diversity of electronic equipment. There have also been significant changes in the quantity and quality of information handled by people and electronic equipment. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to reconsider the quality of communication established between humans, between humans and computers, and between computers. New theories and processing techniques are also needed to work with this information.

At the Communication Science Laboratories, we are tackling the computer science and human science aspects of this issue with a view to building a new technical infrastructure that can connect “humans” to “information” in broad terms. We aim to make academic contributions through the creation of new concepts and the discovery of new principles, and social contributions through technological innovation leading to new services. As a global leader in communication science, we are engaged in a broad range of research collaborations with major universities and research organizations not only in Japan but also in other countries.


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