AgenTalk: Describing Multiagent Coordination Protocols

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Japanese version is also available.
AgenTalk is a coordination protocol description language for multiagent systems. In the distributed artificial intelligence area, many coordination protocols such as the contract net protocol have been proposed, and many application-specific protocols will be required as more software agents start to be built. AgenTalk allows coordination protocols to be defined incrementally and to be easily customized to suit application domains by incorporating an inheritance mechanism. AgenTalk is being co-developed by NTT Communication Science Laboratories and Prof. Toru Ishida, Ishida Laboratory, Department of Information Science, Kyoto University.

What's new?


The preliminary version of the software which implements the functionalities of AgenTalk is available in Japan. This software is written in Common Lisp and runs on Franz Inc. 's Allegro Common Lisp (ver. 4.2) (on Unix platforms) and Digitool, Inc. 's Macintosh Common Lisp (ver. 3.0p2 or later). To try out this software, please download the distribution package (about 330 kbytes).

The reference manual can be accessed through WWW.

Related Research

On Agent Network Socia, desktop conferencing support system was developed. AgenTalk is used to develop Socia.