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Kaoru Hiramatsu (Dr.Info.)
NTT Communication Science Laboratories
NTT Corporation

Research Interest

  • Ubiquitous Information Integration and Real World Semantics
  • Information Integration and Information Retrieval
  • Geographical Information System
  • Human interface systems / Intractive systems

Ubiquitous Information Integration and Real World Semantics (2004 - )
Digital City Kyoto (1998 - 2001)
Virtual Robot Terminal (1996 - 1998)

Publications ( full list )
  • Hiramatsu, K., Hattori, T., Yamada, T., and Okadome, T.: Finding Small Changes using Sensor Network, Workshop on Smart Object Systems (in conjunction with Ubicomp2005), pp.37-44, 2005. (PDF, Slides)
  • Hiramatsu, K., Akahani, J., Satoh, T.: Querying Real World Services Through the Semantic Web, ISWC2004, LNCS 3298, pp.741-751, 2004. (URL)
  • Kaoru Hiramatsu and Femke Reitsma: GeoReferencing the Semantic Web: ontology based markup of geographically referenced information, Joint EuroSDR/EuroGeographics workshop, 2004.
  • Kaoru Hiramatsu, and Toru Ishida, An Augmented Web Space in Digital Cities, SAINT2001, pp.105-112, 2001. (PDF)

Contact: hiramatu _at_