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Akisato Kimura

Ph.D (Engineering)

Media Recognition Research Group
Media Information Laboratory
NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Visiting Industrial Fellow,
Computational and Biological Learning Laboratory,
Department of Engineering,
University of Cambridge

E-mail:   akisato <at> ieee  org

November, 2017 Our paper "Weakly supervised collective feature learning from curated media" has been accepted for a presentation at AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI2018).
October, 2017 We have presented our paper "Cleansing, organizing and training: Two guidelines for generating attractive news headlines for social media" at Computation + Journalism Symposium (C+J2017).
June, 2017 We have presented our work "Single-epoch supernova classification with deep convolutional neural networks" at JST-CREST Workshop collocated with ICDCS2017.
March, 2017 I joined Computational and Biological Learning Groups in University of Cambridge as a Visting Industrial Fellow.

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