We propose a new communication style using letters, adopting characteristics of voice conversation.

The proposed software was developed as iOS application, supposing the use on the iPad (Apple co ltd.).

Demonstration videos are available at the following links.
[Introduction of basic functions at SENTAN Watch]
["Nazoru Hannya shingo (Tracing Hannya Singyo)" (Japanese)]
["Demo at NTT R&D Forum 2013" (Japanese)]
Also, proceedings of an academic presentations at ACM-MM12 and LAK'15 are available at the following links.
[A learning system utilizing learners' active tracing behaviors.]
["Yu bi yomu": interactive reading of dynamic text.]

Features of Yu bi Yomu

>> Dynamic contrast change by user’s trailing

Manipulating time course settings of dynamic color changes leads to various reading expressions.

>> Recording the user’s trailing behavior

“Yu bi Yomu” records the users’ trailing behavior, and replays it in several formats Trailing records from different users can be superimposed.

Workshop using “Yu bi Yomu”

2011.8.20 at sasebo city museum shimanose art center, Sasebo, Nagasaki
By Kazushi Maruya, Junji Watanabe, & Hideyuki Ando.