Miyuki KONDO

Child Development Research Group
Innovative Communication Lab
NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Contact Information:
miyuki.kondo (at) ntt.com
2-4 Hikaridai, Seika, Souraku,
Kyoto 619-0237, JAPAN


2024 Master of Education in Teaching, Tokyo Gakugei University


  • Journal Paper
  • Conference Paper

Journal Paper

  1. Kondo, M., Okuzumi, H.,Hirata, S.(2023). Development of the Mental Number Linein a Person with Intellectual Disabilities: Brief Review.

Conference Paper

  1. Kondo, M., & Hideyuki, O. (2023). Mathematics Education for Children with Intellectual Disabilities and Continuity of Learning in Japan: A Comparison of Japanese Courses of Study. Paper presented at 12th International Conference of Mathematics Education and Society,São Paulo , Brazil.