Innovative Computing

A visual language for advanced programming

- Viscuit with new functions for advanced programming -


As a tool for introducing programming, Viscuit has earned a certain reputation. After learning with Viscuit is complete, a new curriculum is needed. We have therefore extended Viscuit, and it is now possible to proceed continuously into more sophisticated programming. With Viscuit it is possible to make a large-scale program with a solely visual approach. A user can use this as a library program. The same applications can be found on a PC and a tablet. This approach makes it possible for children to make their own computer applications. Everyone will be able to participate actively in the information technology revolution.


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  1. Yasunori Harada, "Viscuit with Picture Inheritance," in Proc. 52nd Programming Symposium, 2011 (in Japanese).


Yasunori Harada
Yasunori Harada
Media Information Laboratory