Research Talk

5/31 (Thu) 15:30 - 16:10

The real worth of quantum computers with elementary operations

- Analysis of computational power of gate-based quantum computers -
Yasuhiro Takahashi, Media Information Laboratory


Quantum computers are expected to perform high-speed computation that cannot be done by today’s computers, and various types of quantum computers have been proposed, so far. A representative example is called a gate-based quantum computer, which has theoretical evidence of being more powerful than today’s computers. From a practical viewpoint, however, it is widely known that there are many problems in realizing the gate-based quantum computers equipped with a sufficient amount of computational resources. In this talk, I will introduce two of our recent results, showing that the gate-based quantum computers are still powerful even under a more realistic condition that computational resources are limited. This is a significant step towards realizing high-speed computational environment based on gate-based quantum computers in the near future.