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  • » 2019/7/16 The photos of Talks and Exhibits are released.
  • » 2019/6/7 Event booklet available to download.
  • » 2019/5/27 The poster pdf files for Exhibits are released.
  • » 2019/4/14 The website opened.


The remarkable progress of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in recent years will help many people make their dreams a reality, but at the same time, signs that AI is bringing about changes that are difficult to predict can sometimes be disturbing. Against this background, 2019 will mark a changeover to a new name in the traditional Japanese era system, and with only one year to go until the Olympic and Paralympic Games, it is becoming a year of transition.

NTT Communication Science Laboratories undertakes groundbreaking basic research with the aim of achieving person-to-person and person-to-computer communication that can extend even to our deepest emotions.

At Open House 2019, we will introduce the latest research results in a wide range of fields from machine learning, media recognition, and language processing to sports brain science in an easy-to-understand manner through a variety of lectures and exhibits. This year, in particular, we will welcome former track and field athlete Dai Tamesue and Fellow Dr. Makio Kashino to talk about sports and brain science as a special program.

I sincerely hope that this event will be an opportunity for many people to get a true sense of the future by experiencing these novel technologies. All of us at NTT Communication Science Laboratories look forward to heartily welcoming everyone to Open House 2019.

Takeshi Yamada, Director of NTT Communication Science Laboratories