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Oral Presentations

May 30th (Thu)

Head's Talk


Processing like people, understanding people, helping people
- Toward the future where humans and AI will cohabitate and co-create -

Takeshi Yamada, Director of NTT Communication Science Laboratories

Special Talk


Sports in the future and human potentiality

Dai Tamesue, Former athlete
Makio Kashino, Fellow, Head of Sports Brain Science Project

May 31st (Fri)

Research Talk


See, hear and learn to describe
- Crossmodal information processing opens the way to smarter AI -

Kunio Kashino, Media Information Laboratory

Research Talk


Measuring multiple visual abilities in daily circumstances
- Towards establishment of daily selfcheck for eye health -

Kazushi Maruya, Human Information Science Laboratory

Research Talk


Like likes like strategy: search suitable for various viewpoints
- Picture book search system “Pitarie” with graph index based search -

Takashi Hattori, Innovative Communication Laboratory

Exhibition Program

May 30th (Thr) 12:00-17:30
May 31st (Fri) 9:30-16:00

Science of Machine Learning

Learning and finding congestion-free routes
Online shortest path algorithm with binary decision diagrams

Efficient and comfortable AC control by AI
Environment reproduction and control optimization system

Rocover urban people flow from population data
People flow estimation from spatiotemporal population data

Improving the accuracy of deep learning
Larger capacity output function for deep learning

Which is cause? Which is effect? Learn from data!
Causal inference in time series via supervised learning

Forcasting future data for Unobserved locations
Tensor factorization for spatio-temporal data analysis

Search suitable for various viewpoints
"Pitarie": Looking for picture books with graph index based search

Science of Communication and Computation

We can transmit messages to the efficiency limit.
Error correcting code achiving the Shannon limit

New secrets threaten past secrets
Vulnerability assessment of quantum secret sharing

Analyzing the discourse structure behind the text
Hierarchical top-down RST parsing based on neural networks

When children begin to understand hiragana
Emergent literacy development in Japanese

Measuring emotional response and emotion sharing
Quantitative assessment of empathic communication

Touch, enhance, and measure the empathy in crowd
Towards tactile enhanced crowd empathetic communication

Robot understands events in your story
Chat-oriented dialogue system based on event understanding

Science of Media Information

Voice command and speech communication in car
World's best voice capture and recognition technologies

Learning Speech Recognition from Small Paired Data
Semi-supervised end-to-end training with text-to-speech

Who spoke when & what? How many people were there?
All-neural source separation, counting and diarization model

Changing your voice and speaking style
Voice and prosody conversion with sequence-to-sequence model

Face-to-voice conversion and voice-to-face conversion
Crossmodal voice conversion with deep generative models

Learning unknown objects from Speech and Vision
Crossmodal audio-visual concept discovery

Neural audio captioning
Generating text describing non-speech audio

Recognizing Types and Shapes of Objects from Sound
Crossmodal audio-visual analysis for scene understanding

Science of Human

Speech of chirping birds, music of bubbling water
Sound texture conversion with an auditory model

Danswing papers
An illusion to give motion impressions to papers

Measuring visual abilities in a delightful manner
Self eye-check system using video games and tablet PCs

How do the winners control their mental states?
Physiological states and sports performance in real games

Split-second brain function at baseball hitting
Instantaneous cooperation between vision and action

Designing Technologies for Mindful Inclusion
How sharing caregiving data affects family communication

Real-world motion that the body sees
Distinct visuomotor control revealed by natural statistics

Creating a walking sensation for the seated
A sensation of pseudo-walking expands peripersonal space