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Welcome to “Open House 2022”.

The COVID-19 pandemic of these last few years has drastically changed our lifestyles and social activities. Amid these changes, communication between people having diverse values, between people and computers, and between people and society as well as the technologies that support this communication are becoming increasingly important.

At NTT Communication Science Laboratories (CS Labs), we are promoting world-class basic research with the mission of constructing fundamental theories on the essence of human beings and information and creating innovative technologies that will bring about “heart-touching communication.”

CS Labs celebrated the 30th anniversary of its founding in July 2021, and in October 2021, the “Institute for Fundamental Mathematics” was established within our laboratories as a virtual organization for researching fundamental theories of modern mathematics and bolstering the role of mathematics as the “fountain of knowledge” in NTT R&D.

“Open House 2022” will introduce activities at the Institute for Fundamental Mathematics as well as the latest achievements in media processing, data and machine learning (AI), human sciences, and brain science through lecture videos, poster exhibits, and online demonstrations in an easy-to-understand manner.

Unfortunately, our open house this year will again be held online as a countermeasure to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, we hope that it will provide opportunities for everyone to search out unknown truths and hold discussions and exchanges toward the creation of an even better society in the future while keeping in mind the dramatic changes now affecting people, society, and the environment. All of us look forward to welcoming many visitors to “Open House 2022.”

Futoshi Naya
Vice President, Head,
NTT Communication Science Laboratories