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Social Communication Laboratory

Tetsuji Satoh, Execultive Manager

Shigeo Matsubara, Associate Manager

The widespread use of the Internet has made it possible to obtain information from around the world easily and at anytime. The increasing use of optical networks and wireless communications is expected to allow rapid growth in the volume of information carried over the Internet. The widened opportunities for receiving information will raise the demand for obtaining information from around the world in one's native language. To meet such a demand, services have gradually begun to be offered for supporting cross-lingual access and searching of information.

Information necessary for social life, such as daily news and community information, is now available on the net. While the flow of information has tended to be unidirectional, such as that from news Websites to their subscribers, there are increasing cases where the receiver of information also becomes the provider and publisher of information, such as seen in the bulletin board service and Internet auctions. It will therefore become increasingly important to develop technologies to promote interactive communication.

The Social Communication Laboratory aims in its research to develop a social information infrastructure, thereby integrating the real world, in which people live, and the information world, as typified by the Internet, and helping to create a new lifestyle for communication between people, and between people and the community, in which each individual can lead a more fulfilling life.

While communication in the Internet age is convenient, it has revealed many issues to be solved, such as reliability and the freshness of information. We are undertaking our research in order to develop a communications environment that overcomes these drawbacks, is safe and convenient to use, and supports a fulfilling way of life.

The Social Communication Laboratory consists of the following three groups:

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