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Welcome to “Open House 2021”, commemorating our 30th anniversary

NTT Communication Science Laboratories was established on July 4, 1991 here in KeihannaScience City. From the very beginning, we have been engaged in basic research to stay ahead of the times, based on the principle that the purpose of communication is not only to transmit information accurate and efficiently, but to deepen peoples mutual understanding, allowing them to share their intentions and emotions and connect at an emotional level. As our 30th anniversary celebrations draw near, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you for your support and understanding over the years.

Following on from last years event, this years Open House 2021 will take place online and will present our latest research achievements in subjects ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) and media processing to human illusions and brain science in an easy-to-understand format with lectures, exhibitions and online demonstrations. In these uncertain times, we are keen to share our vision of the future with you. Although the event will be online, we hope to provide you with a close-up look at our work, wherever you happen to be.

Takeshi Yamada
Vice President, Head,
NTT Communication Science Laboratories