Hiroaki GOMI Dr. Eng.

Senior Distinguished Scientist at
Sensory and Motor Research Group
Human and Information Science Lab.
NTT Communication Science Labs.

e-mail: hiroaki.gomi [at]
NTT Communication Science Laboratories
3-1, Morinosato-Wakamiya, Atsugi-shi, 243-01 JAPAN

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Research Interests

  • Human motor control
  • Cerebellum motor control
  • Task learning
  • Speech motor control
  • Visuomotor control

Recent publications

Journal Papers

  1. Kubota S, Sasaki C, Kikuta S, Yoshida J, Ito S, Gomi H, Oya T, Seki K (2024) Modulation of somatosensory signal transmission in the primate cuneate nucleus during voluntary hand movement. Cell Reports:113884.
  2. Ito S, Gomi H (2024) Modulations of stretch reflex by altering visuomotor contexts. Front Hum Neurosci 18:1336629.
  3. Cataldo A, Crivelli D, Bottini G, Gomi H, Haggard P (2024) Active self-touch restores bodily proprioceptive spatial awareness following disruption by ‘rubber hand illusion’. Proc R Soc B 291:20231753.
  4. Nakamura D, Gomi H (2023) Decoding self-motion from visual image sequence predicts distinctive features of reflexive motor responses to visual motion. Neural Networks 162:516–530.
  5. Abekawa N, Doya K, Gomi H (2022) Body and visual instabilities functionally modulate implicit reaching corrections. iScience:105751.
  6. Kong G, Cataldo A, Nitu M, Dupin L, Gomi H, Haggard P (2022) Interhemispheric communication during haptic self-perception. Proc R Soc B 289:20221977.
  7. Ito S, Kimura T, Gomi H (2022) Attribution of sensory prediction error to perception of muscle fatigue. Sci Rep 12:16708.
  8. Arslanova I, Takamuku S, Gomi H, Haggard P (2022) Multidigit tactile perception I: motion integration benefits for tactile trajectories presented bimanually. Journal of Neurophysiology 128:418–433.
  9. De Havas J, Ito S, Bestmann S, Gomi H (2022) Neural dynamics of illusory tactile pulling sensations. iScience 25:105018.
  10. Abekawa N, Ito S, Gomi H (2022) Gaze-specific motor memories for hand-reaching. Current Biology:S0960982222007011.
  11. Cataldo A, Dupin L, Dempsey-Jones H, Gomi H, Haggard P. (2022) Interplay of tactile and motor information in constructing spatial self-perception. Current Biology S0960982222001099.
  12. De Havas J, Haggard P, Gomi H, Bestmann S, Ikegaya Y, Hagura N (2022) Evidence that endpoint feedback facilitates intermanual transfer of visuomotor force learning by a cognitive strategy. Journal of Neurophysiology 127:16-26.
  13. Takamuku S, Gomi H. (2021) Vision-based speedometer regulates human walking. iScience 24:103390.
  14. Friston K, Moran RJ, Nagai Y, Taniguchi T, Gomi H, Tenenbaum J (2021) World model learning and inference. Neural Networks 144:573–590.
  15. Macpherson T, Matsumoto M, Gomi H, Morimoto J, Uchibe E, Hikida T (2021) Parallel and hierarchical neural mechanisms for adaptive and predictive behavioral control. Neural Networks 144:507–521.
  16. Abekawa N, Gomi H, Diedrichsen J (2021) Gaze control during reaching is flexibly modulated to optimize task outcome. Journal of Neurophysiology 126:816-826.
  17. Cataldo A, Dupin L, Gomi H, Haggard P (2021) Sensorimotor signals underlying space perception: an investigation based on self-touch. Neuropsychologia 151:107729.
  18. Takamuku S, Ohta H, Kanai C, Hamilton AF de C, Gomi H (2021) Seeing motion of controlled object improves grip timing in adults with autism spectrum condition: evidence for use of inverse dynamics in motor control. Experimental Brain Research 239:1047-1059.

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