Hiroaki GOMI Dr. Eng.

Senior Scientist at
Sensory and Motor Research Group
Human and Information Science Lab.
NTT Communication Science Labs.

e-mail: gomi.hiroaki [at]
NTT Communication Science Laboratories
3-1, Morinosato-Wakamiya, Atsugi-shi, 243-01 JAPAN

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Research Interests

  • Human motor control
  • Cerebellum motor control
  • Task learning
  • Speech motor control
  • Visuomotor control


Journal Papers

  1. De Havas J, Ghosh A, Gomi H, Haggard P (2015) Sensorimotor organization of a sustained involuntary movement. Front Behav Neurosci 9:185.
  2. Takamuku S, Gomi H (2015) What you feel is what you see: inverse dynamics estimation underlies the resistive sensation of a delayed cursor. Proceedings Biological sciences / The Royal Society 282.
  3. Abekawa N, Gomi H (2015) Online gain update for manual following response accompanied by gaze shift during arm reaching. Journal of neurophysiology 113:1206-1216.
  4. Kuehn E, De Havas J, Silkoset E, Gomi H, Haggard P (2015) On the bimanual integration of proprioceptive information. Experimental brain research 233:1273-1288.
  5. Abekawa N, Inui T, Gomi H (2014) Eye-hand coordination in on-line visuomotor adjustments. Neuroreport 25:441-445.

Other my publications list is here.

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