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PARTHENON (pre-release) Version 2.4.1 Binary Package Collection

Here you can get the newest version of PARTHENON (pre-release) for various platforms.
Each platform may require its native installation tasks. Please visit and see the appropriate page below for details.

Dec. 3, 2001: PARTHENON Version 2.4.1 Release Notes

Common release notes since version 2.4.0

PARTHENON (pre-release) Version for Windows

Here is a self-extractable package of PARTHENON (pre-release) version for Windows95/98/NT4.0/2000. This package does not include a valid password file and requires license setup instructed in the following section.

par2306w.exe (1,484,461 Byte)
See this file (in Japanese) for the details on how to install the package.

SECONDS for Windows (GUI version) Version 2.3.1 (Beta4)

Here is a zip-compressed package of SECONDS for Windows95/98/NT4.0/2000. This packages includes a license which expires on Mar. 31, 2003. (927,826 Byte)
See "man07.html" which can be extracted from the package for the details on how to install or other information.

License Setup

When the bundled license is expired, a new password file (named parthe.non) can be downloaded from the table below:

expiration date file to download
Mar. 31, 2005 parthe.non (515 Byte)

Please refer the OS-specific pages listed on top of this page on how to install the downloaded file.


The future license updates will not require to re-install entire package: you will need only to overwrite the password file.

The each line of "parthe.non" should contain LF (line feed) code without CR (carriage return). Please check the file size of downloaded "parthe.non".

Please refer to the PARTHENON society website for the newest information including the license after the above-mentioned term.

We are sorry but the pre-release versions of PARTHENON available here may include obsolete documents. Please check the up-to-date information on this web site instead.

More information about PARTHENON