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Exhibition Program

Science of Machine Learning

People of the WWW, give us your computation each!
Generating datasets using people and information on the WWW
Presenting a quick solution to system failures
Generating recovery-command sequences by neural networks
Refining spatially aggregated data from cities
Multivariate gaussian processes for spatially aggregated data
Fast inferrence of accurate anomaly detector
Transfer anomaly detection for unseen datasets
Anomaly detection with low false positive rate
Semi-supervised learning for maximizing partial AUC
Is the data really biased?
Testing combinatorial correlation by decision diagrams

Science of Communication and Computation

What happens if every player rushes selfishly?
Equilibrium computation of congestion games
Handle a huge quantum world through a tiny window
Investigation of the ability of indirect quantum controls
Tuning machine translation with small tuning data
Domain adaptation with JParaCrawl, a large parallel corpus
Assessing children’s emotional development
Investigating developmental changes via multiple cues
Creating a personalized picture book
Support for parent-child picture book interaction
How many words do you know?
Vocabulary size test, Reiwa edition
Kyomachi Seika will guide you!
Training the role-play AI with community cooperation
What does he/she think in this situation?
Sentiment text generation based on personality

Science of Media Information

Can you guess the age from the voice?
Deep speaker attribute estimation with speaker clustering
More wireless microphones are available in a room
BRAVE: bit-error-robust low-delay audio and voice encoding
Pay attention to the speaker you want to listen to (Ⅱ)
Neural selective hearing with audio-visual speaker clues
Controlling voice expression using face expression
Crossmodal voice expression control
Learning to search like human
Adaptive spotting for efficient object search
Deep learning without data aggregation from nodes
Asynchronous consensus algorithm for ML over various NW
Cardiac model that makes it heart
Gaussian process with physical laws for 3D cardiac modeling
Listening carefully to your heart beat
Cardiohemodynamical analysis based on stethoscopic sounds

Science of Human

Make natural-looking illusions by perceptual model
Adaptive motion retargeting for illusion-based projection AR
Tiny eye movements reflect cognitive states
Relation of eye-movement dynamics with cognition and pupil
Haptic metameric textures
Direct control of perceived texture of 3D printed stimuli
What causes emotional change?
Monitoring emotion in experimental settings and daily life
Special cognitive abilities of esports experts
Performance, physiological state, and brain activity
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Realizing a harmony in rugby scrum
Easy assessment of player coordination with wearable sensors
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What is a "straight" ball?
Physical and perceptual attributes of a pitched ball
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Body representation for quick and skillful action
Uncertainty of hand-state estimate regulates stretch reflex
Unconscious is smarter than conscious
Environmental dependency in visuomotor responses
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