Research Talk

Which word is more difficult for you, “car” or “vehicle”?

- Estimation of text readability and human vocabulary size -

Sanae Fujita, Innovative Communication Laboratory


When you read text, whether you feel it’s difficult or easy depends on both the difficulty of the text (readability) and your own knowledge. If it were possible to easily and accurately estimate both readability and reader’s knowledge (specifically, vocabulary size), we could recommend text with suitable readability for each of many readers with various vocabulary sizes. And it would also be possible to apply this capability to educational support.
For that purpose, we are pursuing studies of both types of estimation methods, that is, text readability and human vocabulary-size estimation. One point of our method is its applicability to a wide range of ages, from children to adults. Currently, we are beginning to work on educational support that combines these estimation methods.


Sanae Fujita
Innovative Communication Laboratory