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Blind Signal Separation of convolutive mixtures, Speech Signal Separation (under reverberation), Speech extraction, Speech diarization, Communication Scene Analysis, Auditory Scene Analysis

at NTT CS labs. (Selected papers. Complete paper list.

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Master thesis

Master thesis at Ando Lab. @Univ. of Tokyo : Theory of effective sound transfer to basilar membrane and its application to an acoustic sensor

objective: understanding of the cochlea system, the improving of the sensitivity of the acoustic sensor mimicking a basilar membrane

  1. Investigate how to make the input impedance of the fishbone sensor mimicking the basilar membrane
  2. Match the sensor impedance and the impedance of the air with an exponential horn
  3. Confirm the increase of the output signal with the circuit

Bachelor thesis

Bachelor thesis at Fujimura Lab. @Univ. of Tokyo : A Study on the Adaptive Category Analysis
--- The estimation of the spectrum and the proportion of each component from multi-spectral image data

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