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Exhibition Program 14

Sharing enthusiasm between remote sites

Applause coding for bi-lateral immersive sharing


Live performances are increasingly appreciated using popular commercial audiovisual transmission systems, such as live viewing systems. We developed a reality enhancement method for the live viewing system that transmits applause sound which occurred at the viewing site to the live venue. We named it APRICOT (APplause for Realistic-Immersive COntents Transmission) system. This presentation shows an applause sounds detection, transmission, and generation system. At actual live viewing, the devised system successfully detected applause sounds by using real-time signal processing approach. Then, the sound level is converted into the meta-data, which is transmitted to live venue. At the live venue, natural applause sound is generated by using recorded hand-clapping sound seeds. This applause synthesizer is based on the hand-clapping model. The subjective experiments show that APRICOT system achieves more realistic live viewing services.


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Yutaka Kamamoto
Yutaka Kamamoto
Moriya Research Laboratory