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Let’s FEEL shape and action by a force

Can we receive environmental information by Buru-Navi4 ?


We understand present environment around self-body by acquiring not only visual information but also somatosensory information with touching objects and with moving body and limbs. In this study, we aim to convey the somatosensation in the telecommunication by using a force display gadget ‘Buru-Navi’ we developed. Once appropriate dynamic force sensation is given, which matches to a first person perspective video scene, user will obtain an immersive sensation of being in the video scene. In cases of visually impaired persons and conditions, an appropriate force sensation induced by this gadget will be informative in knowing surrounding walls and obstacles. New technologies of conveying somatic information, as well as visual and auditory information, will enrich the telecommunication between individuals and even between computer and human.


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Hiroaki Gomi
Hiroaki Gomi
Human Information Science Laboratory