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Memory efficient deep learning for mobile devices

Quantized neural networks for model compression


Deep Neural Network (DNN) is a promising technology in a wide range of application. Unfortunately, it is hard to use DNN on devices with limited resources such as mobile devices since the model size of DNN is large. Binarized DNN is constrained to have only two values in weights (e.g. -1 or 1) by using a binarization function. Since a binarized weight only consumes 1-bit of memory, Binarized DNN is one of the most powerful approaches of model compression. However, it is difficult to effectively train Binarized DNN. This is because the binarization function vanishes gradients that update weights. In this study, in order to effectively train Binarized DNN, we avoid the vanishing gradient problem by using a continuous function, that approximates the binarization function and is scaled according to a distribution of weights. In our experiments, our method achieved more efficient training and higher accuracy than previous.


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Yu Oya)
Yu Oya
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