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What causes emotional change?

Monitoring emotion in experimental settings and daily life


Our emotions are influenced by changes in both our internal states and external environment including interactions with others. In this study, we aimed to investigate how emotional responses change through social interaction in the experimental setting, and to develop a new framework for monitoring the internal change of emotional states in daily life. The findings of two experiments measuring autonomic responses during interaction suggested that negative emotions and positive emotions are transmitted differently through interaction. The interpersonal dynamics of emotional change found here will help us to understand larger group phenomena such as crowd joy or panic. Furthermore, for the purpose of logging internal states which dynamically change through daily life, we developed a new self-tracking method using exclamations or onomatopoeias (e.g., “NIKONIKO”, “SHOBON”). This kind of framework will contribute to creating the system that support our wellbeing.


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Aiko Murata / Sensory Resonance Research Group, Human Information Science Laboratory