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Creating a personalized picture book

Support for parent-child picture book interaction


Previous research on developmental psychology have extensively shown that picture book reading promotes child language development. To support a parent-child interaction for language development, we propose a method to create a personalized picture book that suits child’s interest and vocabulary level. On the application site, parents answers the words that their child can produce and what they are interested in. Then, we try to estimate the words that the child is likely to produce based on statistical models in child vocabulary development database, to arrange each object picture for the estimated words, and to customize a story to match the child’s interest. We are currently conducting a field trial in Onna village, Okinawa, to distribute a personalized picture book at a public library for parent and child who participate in health check-up. Through the field trial, we are investigating whether the personalized picture book contribute to the increase of parent-child interaction and book reading activity.


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Tessei Kobayashi / Interaction Research Group, Innovative Communication Laboratory