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More wireless microphones are available in a room

BRAVE: bit-error-robust low-delay audio and voice encoding


We have developed a bit-error-robust speech-and-audio codec working in low-delay conditions. Inter-device audio transmission, such as in microphones, requires strict real-time processing. It is a challenge to enhance the compression efficiency in such conditions, which enables us to use more microphones at once in a room. Sometimes, this kind of inter-device transmission encounter errors occurring in the encoded data, and codecs have to deal with them to avoid severe decoding errors. Especially in low-delay conditions, it is hard to protect codes with additional information keeping the bitrates. Therefore, we proposed a bit rearrangement technique, which makes lower the impact of the errors compressing data efficiently. Using this technique, the developed codec BRAVE can compress speech and audio data in a very short time and is robust for bit errors. It is thus expected to be useful also for other use cases such as the Internet of things (IoT).


  1. R. Sugiura, Y. Kamamoto, T. Moriya, “Spectral-envelope-based least significant bit management for low-delay bit-error-robust speech coding,” in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2018.



Ryosuke Sugiura / Moriya Research Laboratory