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Telestethoscope: Looking into Body by Listening

Biomedical sound analysis utilizing physical characteristics

Telestethoscope: Looking into Body by Listening

As a basic research toward providing a person with an enhanced sense of well-being, such as early detection of diseases, we developed a wearable acoustic sensor array system that can collect sounds from various parts of the human body and send the signals remotely to a receiver terminal, which is equipped with 18 acoustic sensors inside an examination vest. When the system comes into practical use for medical care, a medical practitioner will be able to listen to sounds from various locations on the patient's body without having to make direct physical contact with the patient or use of a traditional stethoscope, which will be useful in online medical examinations. This system is also expected to play a role, potentially in combination with other information sources, in the research and development of new medical techniques such as the visualization of physical states and direct translation from body sounds into explanatory sentences.

Telestethoscope: Looking into Body by Listening

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Kunio Kashino / Media Information Laboratory and Biomedical Informatics Research Center
Email: cs-openhouse-ml@hco.ntt.co.jp

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