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Sense of touch connects our hearts beyond distance

Empathetic telecommnunication by vibrotactile transmission

Sense of touch connects our hearts beyond distance

Reconstructing empathic communication that allows people to share feelings even in the remote age, by designing 3 frameworks as a solution. We have created a system called “remote high-five” through which families in remote areas can exchange “high fives” during sports events. As a framework for realizing empathic communication in society, we arranged three elements—namely, design of the story (including the people who experience it and the flow of the experience), technology that supports tactile transmission, and context that inclusively involves all parties—and were able to show the effectiveness of the “remote high-five” system with an example. We aim to create a society in which anyone can communicate with each other and feel that they are together even if the people are far apart.

Sense of touch connects our hearts beyond distance

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Kakagu Komazaki, Junji Watanabe / Sensory Resonance Research Group, Human Information Science Laboratory
Yutaka Kamamoto / Computing Theory Research Group, Media Information Laboratory

Email: cs-openhouse-ml@hco.ntt.co.jp

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